Stem Cell Therapy

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The stem cells within the human body facilitate natural growth, heal wounds, and repair tissues. When you scrape your knees or get a cut, the stem cells in your body encourage cellular regeneration and increase blood flow to heal the wounds. However, as you grow older, your body’s ability to heal itself dissipates.

The same is true for the vagina. Over time, factors like age, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause lead to vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity, loss of sexual pleasure, an inability to achieve orgasms, urinary incontinence, and other problems. Furthermore, the body’s compromised healing capacity prevents the vagina from healing itself.

Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure wherein concentrated stem cells are harvested from your body and injected into the vagina. This boosts your body’s healing capacity, concentrating it on your vaginal tissues. Over time, the stem cells help you achieve a youthful, firm, and elastic vagina, reversing the effects of age and pregnancy.

You’re a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy if You…

  • Experience urinary incontinence.
  • Experience vaginal dryness.
  • Experience pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Experience reduced sexual desires and libido.
  • Have trouble achieving orgasms.
  • Have vaginal sagging or laxity.
  • Want a smoother and more attractive vagina.
  • Want to improve your sexual experience.
  • Want better and stronger orgasms.
  • Want to reverse the effects of age, pregnancy, weight changes, and menopause.

Dr. Bonni’s Stem Cell Therapy for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Stem cell therapy for vaginal rejuvenation is a non-surgical and outpatient procedure that concludes within 30 minutes. The surgeon harvests the regenerative mesenchymal cells from the adipose tissues, i.e., the fat tissues just under the skin’s surface, because they contain the highest concentration of stem cells.

The surgeon makes a small incision on the abdomen or hips to remove the fat tissues using a water-assisted suction tool. The fat tissues are purified, separating the regenerative cells from the adipose tissues. Finally, the stem cells are injected into the anterior vaginal walls. The incision on the donor site is extremely small, so there’s no need for sutures.

Recovering from Your Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy for vaginal rejuvenation is an outpatient procedure — you can return home soon after the treatment. The incision will heal naturally, and it will be covered with a compression wrap for up to 48 hours.

You might experience a dull pain in the vagina and the incision site for a few hours or days, but you can manage that with medications. You can resume most of your activities immediately, but you should wait about a few days before engaging in sexual intercourse. The complete recovery process takes less than 5 days.

Risks of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy for vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t involve surgeries, anesthesia, or foreign components. As such, there’s no risk of infections, bleeding, and other complications associated with surgeries. Without anesthesia usage, there’s no risk of adverse reactions. Since the treatment is autologous, i.e., based on components derived from your body, there’s no risk of allergic reactions or rejection by the body. As such, stem cell therapy for vaginal rejuvenation is completely safe and effective.

Why Choose Dr. Bonni?

Dr. Aram Bonni is double board-certified in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery and obstetrics and gynecology. He has a keen understanding of the female anatomy, having performed numerous surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for women’s health. You may schedule a consultation with Dr. Bonni to discuss your stem cell therapy options for vaginal rejuvenation.