The most recent advancement in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), the mini-sling is different from other sling procedures in that it usually requires the creation of only one incision. Unlike some other sling procedures, mini-sling placement does not involve a needle being passed through the groin. This reduces the risk of injury to the bladder or bowels and bleeding. During a brief, in-office or out patient procedure the mini sling is placed through a very small incision in the vagina.

This usually refers to insertion of a tension free tape underneath the urethra ( the tube that empties the bladder)to provide support. The tape is usually a synthetic non absorbable thin mesh that is inserted through minimally invasive approaches. They are also referred to as tension free vaginat tape ( TVT sling) or trans obturator or TOT sling. These kind of procedures usualy involve passage of special needles on each side of the urethra. Different anatomical approaches, techniques and tapes ( grafts) are currently in use. The body grows into the mesh and provides a strong support for the mid segment of the urethra. Very good short and long term results have been reported for this group of suburethral slings. It should be noted that this type of grafts and tapes are not among the ones that attorneys and lawyers have publicized as bad mesh, or failed transvaginal mesh insertion etc. This procedure in Dr. Bonni’s opinion has turned into gold standard of treatment in women with stress type of urinary incontinence.

Dr. Bonni has performed close to 1000 of this type of slings with exceptional results often time using a short ( usually fifteeen minutes or less) in office or out patient procedure.

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